Chemical Foaming Agents "Supercell"

Chemical Foaming Agents decomposed upon heating can produce cells or pores in polymer compositions by liberation of gasses. "SUPERCELL" is registered trademark of A.F.Supercell Co., Ltd. in Thailand and we produce several types of Foaming Agent which are variously used for thermoplastics, nature rubbers and synthetic rubbers. Our laboratory is available to serve customer's requirement in assisting and advising the use of our "SUPERCELL". Samples and techniques are available upon your request.

In any case, we must pay attention to the need of customers, and must R & D (research and develop) the new products with the greatest care. In any age, and in any industry, new products and new ideas suited to the situation and high technical levels are always required. Ever since the establishment of the company, we have been creating new technologies by top priority, and developing new products ahead of others in the industry.

Seeking products with higher reliability always at stable quality, we are concentrating efforts in the establishment of strict quality control and efficient production system.

These new products are still far from completion. A few thousands of check tests are awaiting these goods, and at last, the final test has been finished. Under the most strict conditions, therefore we can get and win our completed products, Our products are transformed by process manufactures, and sent to our end users. Our products are not directly delivered to you, but are found everywhere in your daily life in various forms.

Including these young men our company consists of a lot of human hands and hearts. The company is getting into its developing period. In order to Jump higher in this period, volunteering engineers are working hard day and night in order to develop new products and establish the reliable quality.

A.F.Supercell Co., Ltd. always keeps on running and running forever. We will respond the demand of customers and supply them the most convenient products as much as we can.

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